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Wir testen Web-, Mobile-, Desktop-Software, SaaS und Spiele sowohl manuell als auch automatisch. Unsere Hilfe wurde für über 300 Produkte genutzt, um lästige Bugs zu beseitigen.

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  • QAwerk’s efforts enabled internal developers to eliminate bugs and improve the app’s stability. Communicative and accommodating, the team proved capable of identifying technical errors.
    Alfonso Cobo

    Alfonso Cobo, CEO at Unfold

  • The QAwerk team have been one of our favorite vendors at Arctype. They help keep our app stable and are extremely responsive and thorough. I would recommend the QAwerk team to any startup looking for a great, affordable QA team for their product.
    Justin de Guzman

    Justin de Guzman, Founder at Arctype

  • We started the cooperation by deciding on testing priorities: devices and OSs popular among users, the highest priority domains for testing, and the most crucial user flows, which should always run smoothly. We also created a Slack channel where all our requirements towards tests were discussed. Since then, the tests have been conducted by QAwerk periodically and thoroughly. Any changes to the initial plan can be communicated through Slack and will be addressed immediately.
    Eryk Basta

    Eryk Basta, Product Manager at Keystone Academic Solutions

  • There's a real commitment to get the task done in a timeframe that is expected. The quality of the work is very high. I would certainly recommend working with QAwerk's team.

    Robert Severn, VP of Engineering at Evolv Technologies

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Wir werden uns mit Ihnen in Verbindung setzen und Ihnen bei der Planung der QA-Maßnahmen
in 1 Woche helfen
Die Dienstleistungsvereinbarung unterzeichnen, Teamzuordnung
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Kommunikation einrichten, Aufgaben priorisieren, Meilensteine
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Our Services

Plans & Pricing

Choose a pricing plan that best suits your needs or calculate the cost of your custom offer.

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$ 549
Check Icon 1 Softwaretyp
Web app/ Mobile app/ Desktop app
Check Icon 2 Geräte
Mobile / PC / Tablet / Smart Watch
Check Icon 1 Betriebssystem
iOS / Android / Windows / Mac OS / Linux
Check Icon bis zu 2 Browser
Chrome/ Safari/ Edge/ Firefox/ Opera/ Samsung
  • Exploratory testing
  • Zusammenfassender Bericht
  • Testplan
  • Testfälle
  • UI/UX-Empfehlungen
Kostenlose Beratung
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$ 3,849
Check Icon 2 Softwaretypen
Check Icon 4 Geräte
Check Icon 4 Betriebssysteme
Check Icon bis zu 5 Browser
  • Exploratives Testen
  • Summary report
  • Testplan
  • Testfälle
  • UI/UX-Empfehlungen
Kostenlose Beratung
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Manuell + Automatisierung
$ 6,499
Check Icon 1 Softwaretyp
Check Icon 2 Geräte
Check Icon 2 Betriebssysteme
Check Icon bis zu 3 Browser
  • Manuelles Testen
  • Zusammenfassender Bericht
  • Testplan
  • Testfälle und -suites
  • UI/UX-Empfehlungen
  • Schreiben und Ausführen von automatischen Tests
  • Zusammenfassung der automatischen Testszenarien
Kostenlose Beratung
We've worked with QAwerk to handle the QA of our native desktop app. They've done a tremendous job and even went out of their way to ensure the quality of the app. We'll continue working with them in the future.
Julien Berthomier
Julien Berthomier,
CEO & Co-Founder at Station

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Awards & Recognition

Being on the technology side of things, we were part of success for our customers, who won prestigious awards for the solutions we developed.

App Trend of 2019

For Unfold making storytelling simple

Hidden Gem of 2018

For Unfold quietly building a fanbase

Principal Membership

For Zazu launching MC Virtual Card

Frost & Sullivan,
Best Practices Award 2020

For Evolv optimizing global customer experience

Awards in Africa 2020

For Zazu impacting Africa’s digital finance

Sehen Sie, wie wir die Qualität der Unfold-App sichergestellt haben, was zur Übernahme durch Squarespace führte

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Meet Bug Hunter

a free mobile tool for manual UI/UX testing of Android apps
developed by QAwerk


  • Rulers & Guides
  • Grid
  • Screenshot
  • Record Video
  • Mockups
  • Color Picker
  • Longshot

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