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Though it’s usually recommended to conduct testing after all development is over, we stay firm
that everyone on a project is a contributor, therefore the sooner you proceed to the tests, the better the results are.
With our flexible engagement model, you can attract the testing team on any stage you need.

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Before starting the software testing process, it is essential to eliminate inconsistencies with unspecified cost projections. We provide our clients with a transparent view of the project so that they are sure they pay only for the work done.

How to Start Software Testing Outsourcing

If you decided to outsource QA testing processes its imperative to provide the testing team with a project description, and a test data for login or instructions on how to create an account. Also, it would be great for the team to get acquainted with product documentation and receive test cases, but if you don’t have any, we can write them on our own.

Ideally, you would indicate what types of testing you need, and the description of devices and systems on which the testing should be performed. Otherwise, we will most likely offer to start with exploratory testing on the set of the most popular devices, and then our project managers and QA/BA specialists will help you to determine the further direction of testing process flow.

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How We Estimate

Having set a clear direction with the definite business model and requirements, we provide you with a time estimation for the project in an understandable format, where the project testing is divided down into subtasks. Each subtask has two figures assigned that display a possible price range of the project – realistic and pessimistic.

In the Time & Material model, the price varies depending on the time spent on testing and is subject to discussion with the client, allowing the full control of this process. Time & Material is perfect when you need software testing tasks just occasionally, and there’s no well-defined volume of work to be done, or your project doesn’t have detailed documentation. There is just time estimation, as accurate as possible. No strings attached and no hidden charges.

Here is an example of how our typical estimate looks like:

A time estimation for software development outsourcing projects / Redwerk company

How We Plan and Execute

Software development projects outsourcing - plan and execute / Redwerk company

Upon the project scope agreement, we allocate resources, plan efforts to determine the final deadline, and provide you with a Gantt chart that we strictly adhere to.

When we’re all set, our QA engineers start their work. During testing, we regularly provide you with test results, the time spent on testing, and are always in touch on any issues.

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Price Advantage

Using our quote calculator you can get the initial idea of our transparent and reasonable pricing for quality assurance services. Our consultants will give you even more information on whether you need certain types of software testing and other matters regarding your project.

Perfect Process

Our testing services are as much transparent as our pricing. We work with different engagement models following best practices in organizing the software QA process whether it is agile, waterfall or other methodology you need.

Timely Results

Meeting the deadlines is our corporate credo. Before we start we always analyze the project thoroughly to give you the best idea on when the project is going to be delivered. We don’t like inconsistency during application testing process, and we are sure you don’t either.

Long-term Collaboration

QAwerk is your reliable, independent software testing partner you always can count on. If you need offshore software testing services or automated tests support on a permanent basis; if you are seeking for a reliable long-term software testing partner – QAwerk is exactly the one.

Die Bemühungen von QAwerk ermöglichten es internen Entwicklern, Bugs zu beseitigen und die Stabilität der App zu verbessern. Kommunikativ und entgegenkommend erwies sich das Team als fähig, technische Fehler zu erkennen.
Alfonso Cobo
Alfonso Cobo, CEO von Unfold
Wir haben mit QAwerk zusammengearbeitet, um die QA (Qualitätssicherung) unserer nativen Desktop-App abzuwickeln. Sie haben großartige Arbeit geleistet und sogar alles getan, um die Qualität der App zu gewährleisten. Wir werden auch in Zukunft mit ihnen zusammenarbeiten.
Julien Berthomier
Julien Berthomier, CEO und Mitgründer von Station

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